Sudhanshu Gautam

Decay: The solution to your expiring groceries


I'm a student (and bachelor) living with my 3 mates facing a great deal of problem when we bring fruits, vegetables, milk, bread or any grocery into our rented appartment and then letting them sit to nothing but expire. 

I woke up yesterday and found a jug full of expired milk. We forgot to consume it in time hence wasting it.

Finding the Solution

I immediately went to my white board to find the solution to this problem. And came up with the following:

By this time, I had already taken the feedback and done idea validation. I had a pretty solid idea of how to tackle with the problem. It seemed like a solution that could work.

I went to my classes after that and continued validation, feedback and sketching.

After this, I developed the prototype and it can be found here

The Implementation

With the design finalized, it was time to get set coding. I decided to create a PWA instead of a traditional native app because:

  • It delivers app like experience
  • It is light weight
  • Users can optionally install it on their device
  • A web version of the app is also available

It took me 1 day further to code the app in Angular with Firebase Database and OneSignal for push notifications. The resultant code can be found here

If anyone is interested in contributing to the project, feel free to create a pull request with the proposed changes on the repository itself. 

At last, I would like to thank my friends who provided with their valuable feedback into the making of Decay.

You can use Decay now by clicking here!

Don't forget to allow notifications so that you never let your groceries expire and Add to Home Screen for easy access. 

Furhtermore, if you have any queries or suggestions then you can always reach to me via the contact section here :)

Posted at: 2019-03-08