GSoC 2019 - OpenWrt Firmware Wizard - Wrap-Up
This marks the end of GSoC 2019 and I am proud to announce the project has come to a mature stage. It has been a great pleasure to work with my mentors Paul Spooren and Moritz Warning. It has been a great experience working throughout the summer. I have learnt quite a lot from this experience and would like to give the experience back by being the part of the community in the future too. I would like to thank my mentors and Freifunk as they gave me the opportunity to work under them and to work for the world of open source.
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Posted at: 2019-09-13
GSoC 2019 - OpenWrt Firmware Wizard
The OpenWrt project is a Linux operating system targeting wireless routers. Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable filesystem with package management. Currently, in order to install OpenWrt on a device, the user has to go through a very confusing process. Later, upgrading to the newer version of OpenWrt is another hassle. I am working on this project as a part of GSoC 2017
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Posted at: 2019-05-29
Decay: The solution to your expiring groceries
The story when I built a tiny product that helps you remember when to consume perishable goods. I'm a student (and bachelor) living with my 3 mates facing a great deal of problem when we bring fruits, vegetables, milk, bread or any grocery into our rented appartment and then letting them sit to nothing but expire. 
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Posted at: 2019-03-08
Brief report on Dark UIs ft. What people think
You might not know what I mean by the term Dark UIs, but probably have seen them. They have started popping out more often then ever, and the most common ones are: Youtube Dark Mode, Mac OS Mojave Dark Mode and Reddit Dark Mode.  This post is an attempt to understand more about the concept of using Dark UIs. Actually, I conducted a survey to understand user behavior while looking at a partical user interface of an app or a website. The findings are further consolidated in this post. 
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Posted at: 2019-02-14