GSoC 2017 | Port Vote Up/Down: Final Submission

Porting Vote Up/Down was a great experience altogether. I worked closely with my mentor Marco Villegas through the summer to port the module to Drupal 8. 

For installation instructions and related information, please read my last blog post here.

This blogpost will summarize my work on the module. 

My module is ready for use and is alpha released 8.x-1.0-alpha1

The activities I undertook include:

  • Ported the module configuration to D8.
    Drupal migrated to YAML based configuration in Drupal 8. So, I created the YAML config files: info.yml, permissions.yml, .routing.yml, etc
  • Created widgets using the Plugin API of Drupal 8.
    Widgets in Drupal 7 version of the module were made using CTools and it was to be converted to Drupal 8's Plugin API.
  • Created fields for the widgets.
    To display the widgets, we need fields. I created the fields for that.
  • Implemented Voting API with routes and controllers.
    I created the routes, and then linked the controllers with it. Used the D8 CSRF protection and implemented VotingAPI.

For a comprehensive report of the work I did, please visit my Blog.

The code repository fork used by me throughout the summer to make the changes can be found  here