GSoC 2017 | Week 7: Port Vote Up/Down

This marks the end of week 7 of GSoC's coding period. My Project is Port Vote Up/Down to Drupal 8. More information about my project and GSoC can be found here. I am working with marvil07 this summer.

Agenda for the week

The agenda for Week 6 was to fix the PR, test the working of the module, and to start with the Fields as described in previous week's post

I did the following things:

  • Tested the working of the plugin

    To test that the code written so far is working fine, I created a new route "/vud/plain" which would render the plain plugin and I could see if it is working or not. Some bugs are there and it should be complete by next week.
  • Fixed the PR issues. 

    I fixed the minor issues of the PR which is an ongoing process of the project.
  • Started with Fields

    I started with VoteUpDownField which provides functionality for rendering plugins into the view. 

Project progress

By the end of this week, we have the following things done:

  • A plugin type named 'vud_widget'
  • Voting API implemented for basic use
  • AJAX API implemented
  • 2 tests, each for plugintype and for routes

The code written for the week could be found here

Agenda for next week

Complete the VoteUpDownField and test if the module is working fine.



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