GSoC 2017 | Week 5: Port Vote Up/Down

This marks the end of week 5 of GSoC's coding period. My Project is Port Vote Up/Down to Drupal 8. More information about my project and GSoC can be found here. I am working with marvil07 and Palashvijay4O this summer.

Agenda for the week

The agenda for Week 4 was to fix the PR, create routes for VotingAPI and move widgets to separate directories as widgets/<widget_name>/<widget_name>.html.twig previous week's post

I did the following things:

  • Created vud_widget.html.twig which includes the respective template

    Grouping and serving templates from widgets/ directory was an issue and it was to be fixed and it was done using partial templates. 
  • Defined a controller named VotingApiController

    I created routes for casting vote /vote/{entityTypeId}/{entityId}/{voteValue} and resetting votes /votereset/{entityTypeId}/{entityId}
  • Create PluginManagerTest

    I created the test for VoteUpDownManager which created a plugin and test if the plugins are being created successfully. 

Project progress

By the end of this week, the directory structure looks like this:



The code written for the week could be found here

Agenda for next week

The agenda for the next week is to rectify small standards error in the PR and start working on the AJAX part of the module.