GSoC 17 | Community bonding wrap-up

Not more than a month ago, the students accepted for Google Summer of Code 2017 were announced. A total of eight projects were selected this year for the Drupal Organization And I was among the students who got selected. 

GSoC was one of the things that I looked upto from the starting of my college year. So, I was overjoyed.

One tip for those looking out for GSoCs to come, get onto IRC way before the proposal submission time, keep on contributing and more importantly get in touch with project mentors and discuss your workplan thoroughly.

My project "Port Vote Up/Down module to Drupal 8" seemed quite relatable to me so I decided to work on it. Vote Up/Down is a module, currently available for Drupal 7, with which you can enable vote support in your Drupal site. My task is to port this module to the latest version of Drupal i.e. Drupal 8.

The first phase, after proposal submission and project acceptance, was 'Communtiy bonding'. Through the period of about 3 weeks, the students were supposed to bond with the community members. Be comfortable with each other and be able to communicate transparently. I made some new friends in the process, the fellow 7 students which were accepted. My mentors, Marco Villegas aka marvil07 and Palash Vijay aka Palashvijay4O, guided me through the basics in the time alloted. I also had chat with my mentors in the provided time. We tested the workflow once and I reported an issue (bug report) in the Drupal issue queue. We had one hangouts meeting to get to know each other better and to define the project roadmap. 

The things which i accomplished during the Community bonding period are:

  • Project workflow
    My mentors and I have decided that we will be using a combination of Git and for the project. Marvil07 has setup a GitHub mirror branch that I have forked
  • Module Usage and Understanding
    I thoroughly tested the D7 version of the module presenting every possible use case. Apart from this, I went through the code of the module and tried to understand the various methods and hence the code. 
  • Project Timeline
    It was later decided that the vud_node, vud_comment and vud_term modules were to be deprecated. So, the project timeline was changed to apply to the same. The new timeline was approved by the mentors. 

Now, the main phase of the programme has started i.e. Coding Phase. Throughout the 3 month period, I'll be working closely with the mentors and we will be able to successfully port the module. Agenda for the next week is to learn configuration management and create configuration and forms for the module. This part is already done but we have decided that I must know the process. 

There will be weekly posts from the next week on. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for reading.